Market Scene: Divisadero Farmers' Market, San Francisco

Note: On Mondays, one of our various Market Scene correspondents checks in with what's fresh at farmstands, what's coming up, and what you better get while the gettin's good. Take us to market, Jen!


[Okra soldiers from Short Night Farm; Jen Maiser]

I am addicted to attending farmers' markets. The most recent proof was over the weekend: I had no intention of shopping for food yet I found myself wandering through the Divisadero Farmers' Market in San Francisco after breakfast. Though I am going out of town and didn't need anything in my fridge, I found myself buying just a bit of okra, just one nectarine, and just a couple tomatoes like an addict who needs a fix.

I mentioned last month that I was practicing restraint and holding off on purchasing okra. But a month later, I filled my bag with okra and brought it home to fry, pickle, and saute. As I write this, okra is cooking away to be included in a quick dinner (I tweeted the complete meal plan, random as it is).

Every time I spy tomatoes of all sorts at our market, my heart goes out to the East Coasters who have lost their crops due to tomato blight. I do not take for granted the fact that we've had a terrific tomato season—so good that I will be able to can many pounds of tomatoes in the coming month for my winter reserves.


[Squash blossoms from The Peach Farm; Jen Maiser]

The Divisadero farmers' market felt of Autumn this weekend. The weather, while always chilly during San Francisco summers, was crisp and people were wearing scarves and knit caps. I stood for about twenty minutes listening to the lovely tunes of Lily Holbrook.


[Lily Holbrook at the Divisadero farmers' market; Jen Maiser]

Let's be honest here: sometimes farmers' market performers can leave much to be desired. I worked for years for a couple of local farmers, and we would always cringe when subpar performers would set up next to our booths to assail our ears with off-tune songs for hours on end. Lily Holbrook was different. I was entranced, and her music was absolutely lovely. Upon returning home, I found out that she has entranced listeners nationwide.

Seasonal Produce Guide

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