In Season: Cucumbers

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Photograph from foodista on Flickr

With summer in full swing, my cucumber intake has increased to alarming levels. In salads, soups, or just as a raw snack, the crisp crunch they add to a dish instantly cools me down, a brief relief from my steam room of an apartment. When at the market, look for firm specimens with a medium to dark green color. I prefer the smaller ones as they're less bitter and be sure to stay away from any yellow bits. Store them covered in plastic wrap and refrigerated for about a week or so (avoid the crisper, as it's too cold). If you find yourself unable to eat one more cucumber and want to use it up, there's always the old trick of putting a slice over each of your eyes. I know--it's such a teen dream magazine tip, but it actually feels great and with the humidity these days, any relief will do. [After the jump, a cucumber recipe blast.]

Cucumber Recipes