How to Cope with CSA Stress


Photograph from justinhenry on Flickr

Has your CSA membership compromised your ridiculously wild social life? Do you find yourself staying indoors to make use of the okra piling up? Cathy Erway of Not Eating Out in New York can relate, but she's come up with some tips:

Beets last a really long time. Kohlrabi is not going to turn in a week, either. If you find that you simply have too much stuff to eat in a week (as I do often), go for the most delicate leafy greens first. Save the big heads of cabbage, potatoes, green beans and carrots for another week, and don’t worry about them.

She recommends eating the produce raw (pots and pans can be overwhelming), appointing a buddy to pick-up your share if you're too busy (and paying them in vegetables), and embracing mason jars (can it, jam it, pickle it).

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