Gadgets: The Goodbyn Back-to-School Lunchbox


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Back-to-school shopping is usually all about the clothes, but for gourmands in the making the right lunchbox is just as important. In support of the Future Foodies of America (FFA), I decided to go on a serious hunt for the coolest, most epically awesome lunchbox I could find. What I discovered was a hell of a lot more fun than I'd ever imagined—in fact, the Goodbyn almost made me want to go back to school.

Aside from having a really cute name, the Goodbyn features a smart design that's both practical and environmentally proactive—a tough combination to master given the reputation of eco-friendly products as sometimes underperforming or requiring more work compared to non-green counterparts. Besides being made of recyclable materials and eliminating lots of excess waste, the Goodbyn is a product that simplifies an often overcomplicated task: making lunch simultaneously fun and healthy.

With five compartments designed to hold all the fixings to a healthy meal, the Goobyn invites smart meal planning. If the large containers are filled with a main course and some fruit, there's still enough space for a small amount of sweets and a side or two. There's even a little eight-ounce bottle built in, which for some reason made me really want apple juice.

Since it does require daily cleaning, the Goodbyn may not be for everyone. However, the green consumer will be happy to reduce the amount of individually-sized packages they waste, while those concerned with a different kind of green will be happy to save the money those packages often cost.

Over a short week of testing, the flaws were minimal. There was just a little condensation on the bottle, and a failed promise that a frozen water bottle would keep my food cold rather than room temperature. As advertised, the individually-locking containers kept my flavors separate, but my hands-down favorite feature was the roll of nearly 300 stickers that allows kids (or kids at heart!) to turn their oddly shaped box into a mini-masterpiece. I'm betting the FFA would approve.

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