Weekend Cook and Tell Round Up: Burgers

Last week's Weekend Cook and Tell was all about burgers. We asked you to share some of your favorite burger techniques and recipes with us for the holiday weekend and as usual we've gotten some fantastic responses. Here are some of our favorites:

Tired of dry beef patties, ChloeA has taken to using ground pork in its place. Sprinkled with brown sugar, salt and pepper, pan seared and served with onion and ketchup, these pork burgers stayed juicy.

NotAmerican likes to prep the grill by grilling some bacon before the burgers go on. This technique flavors the burgers with a hint of bacon and keeps them from sticking.

Kalajo made burger bun from scratch using this recipe from the burger piece in The New York Times last Wednesday. They were easy and far superior to store bought buns.

Cassaendra added chorizo to her burger mix and topped them off with chipotle mayo, avocado, pepper jack, and jalapeño. These burgers looks absolutely incredible—take a peek over on Cassaenda's blog.

Amandarama can has cheezburger, a blue cheese turkey burger to be exact.

For all of you Costco shoppers out there, Butrflygirly and mcwolfe claim that their preshaped burger patties are unbeatable.

Orchidgirl shared a recipe for these low fat Asian chicken burgers that can be served on a bun or made into mini meatballs for soup.

peuporcin has won a hamburger throwdown with a custom burger mix of boneless beef short ribs and flap meat.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this week's Weekend Cook and Tell. We love to see what all of you are cooking and grilling up at home. Make sure to head over to Talk for next week's challenge: Going Solo.