Watch It with Us: 'Top Chef Masters' Ep. 7: Let the Competition Begin


As much as we love the cool grace under pressure and kitchen camaraderie all the master chefs have exhibited so far this season, we're hoping for a little more intensity and, dare we say, drama, as we head into the Champion's Round tonight with master chefs Hubert Keller, Suzanne Tracht, Rick Bayless, Anita Lo, Michael Chiarello, and Art Smith. Perhaps the producers have the same thing in mind, as tonight's Mise En Place Relay Race sounds like an excellent way to ratchet up the intensity.

If you're planning on watching tonight's episode of Top Chef Masters, join us here in the comments at 10 pm ET. Who are you betting on to win it all?

PS: We're also loving host Kelly Choi's tweets (@KELLYCHOI). In a recent one, she responds to a follower who asks why we don't hear more from her: "They cut out ALL of my me, me and critics all comment as much as one another."

A video preview of tonight's episode after the jump.