Videos: A Preview of Amanda Hesser's "Food 52" Website, Plus a Tour of Her Kitchen


In May, there was a blip on the radar that former New York Times Magazine food editor (and current Recipe Redux contributor) Amanda Hesser—along with food writer and recipe-tester Merrill Stubbs—would be launching a new site called Food 52.

Looks like they're beta-testing now—and that you can sign up for an invitation once it launches:

But what really caught our eye today is that Hesser and Stubbs seem to have quietly started uploading to a Vimeo account, which is full of what appear to be test videos—along with a couple great nuggets: an introduction to the Food 52 concept, and a video tour of Amanda Hesser's envy-inducing kitchen—complete with the now-customary refrigerator-baring. Watch both, after the jump.

An Intro to the Food 52 Concept

Here's the way Food 52 works: There are 52 weeks in a year, and each week we're going to select categories that go into a cookbook. And then you'll send in recipes that fit those cateogries. We'll select the best ones and prepare them each week. Then, you'll choose among them, and the winner will go into the cookbook.

A Tour of Amanda Hesser's Kitchen

Nice touches include:

  • A custom cutting-board countertop that's sized to Hesser's height—with a pullout trash drawer just beneath it that she can scrape scraps into
  • A pantry that's more reminiscent of library stacks—complete with ladder to access top shelves
  • A photo of the "Tripe Lady," a woman whose blouse sleeves are made of tripe

Oh, and there's the customary refrigerator tour.