Video: The Ross Sisters Sing About Solid Potato Salad


The Ross Sisters were a trio of singing, dancing, contortionist siblings who came to fame in the 1940s. What better way to celebrate the Fourth than by watching some of this great home-grown Texan talent sing about "solid potato salad"?

For me, the words "solid potato salad" conjure up images of potato salad entrapped in quaking green Jell-o. Thankfully, there is no such thing. A quick search revealed that solid was a wartime expression for "great," or "good."

They're cute, they've got matching outfits, and they can put their legs behind their heads. Plus, I really think their outfits would be the perfect thing to wear to a picnic, pigtails and all. The video starts out so sweet with a little jingle about potato salad and from there ... aieeeee! Those women in my yoga class have nothing on these sisters.

Watch the Ross Sisters do their thing after the jump.

The Ross Sisters Sing about Solid Potato Salad

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