Video: A Tribute to Superman Ice Cream


On the kiddie ice cream totem pole, the Superman flavor is pretty high up there, somewhere near bubblegum and cookie dough. But the poor squirts who don't live in or near Michigan probably haven't experienced the red-blue-yellow trio of creamy goodness. Our recent Superman ice cream post inspired Quinn of the Michigan culture blog The Mitten to cruise around the Ann Arbor-area and get to the bottom of this dessert enigma.

What's the Michigan connection? Where exactly does the "blue" flavor come from?

According to Jim and Forrest Karnopp of Cafe Luwak in Ypsilanti, Michigan, Detroit-based Stroh Brewery stopped making beer during prohibition and segued to ice cream, bringing Superman ice cream into this world. But to this day, people are still perplexed by the flavor, calling it everything from "banana-like" to "almost like cotton candy, but not necessarily cotton candy" to "I think about being carried away by superman!" The homage to Superman ice cream, after the jump.

A Tribute to Superman Ice Cream

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