Undercover Investigation Reveals Non-Vegan Food at Vegan Restaurants in Los Angeles


Ever felt like that crispy soy chicken just tasted too good to be true? The people behind quarrygirl.com, with the help of a tipster named Mr. Wishbone (it gets crazier) started an investigation into vegan restaurants in the Los Angeles area. Out of these seventeen restaurants, seven failed their tests that detected non-vegan-friendly traces of egg, casein, and shellfish. Relying on stringent testing practices and anti-contamination methods, the reporting extended further when they decided to contact the vegan restaurant supplier, Taiwanese manufacturer, and finally the Taiwanese government itself. Over a thousand of their own dollars later, the reporters had some disturbing answers. The good news? Today, Taiwan introduced new legislation to better regulate food product labeling.

The people behind quarrygirl.com also posted a follow-up answering some of the commenters' doubts and questions. Although this was an amateur investigation, it was still incredibly thorough, thoughtful, and an example of bloggers doing some great work. One of my favorite parts of this operation (besides the awesome investigative reporting of course)? Its name: Operation Pancake. [via Waxy.org]