Traitor Joe's, a Site by Greenpeace Against Trader Joe's Seafood


The Trader Joe's pirate mascot seems like a pretty easy-going, Hawaiian shirt-wearing guy, until Greenpeace dubs him Traitor Joe. The environmental NGO has devoted a website to the grocery chain's greenwashing, or sneaky ways of marketing products as "green" and environmentally-friendly that aren't. This isn't a protest against pita chips or frozen dumplings—no, the campaign is targeting the red list seafood that Traitor Joe sells from his treasure chest (er, freezer case), singling out the Chilean sea bass and orange roughy.

Traitor Joe likes to get his message across in the form of karaoke and Twitter ("Arrrg, I'm at the Brooklyn Trader Joes selling delicious ocean destruction," he recently tweeted.) In response, the real Joe has stated: "We intend to use the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s science-based and research-backed 'Seafood Watch' recommendations to help with our seafood purchasing decisions."

In a world of Trader Joe's cult worship, it's interesting to see a campaign like this speak out against them. Especially when pirate talk is involved.

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