This Week in Recipes


Perfect Partners: Kerry Saretsky whips up a winning combination of sliced steak and olive tapenade in honor of her friends.

Peas Galore: Get your green on tonight with Nick Kindelsperger's side of green peas and sugar snap peas in sesame dressing.

Breadcrumbs = Big Flavor Receptacles: Gina DePalma introduces us to verdure ripieni, or stuffed vegetables, as an easy and cheap meal option.

Salsa Away the Summer: Homesick Texan's Lisa Fain kicks off her salsa series with a salsa that's not quite the same as her family's favorite, but just as delicious.

Offal for Everyone: Try some tongue with ChiChi Wang as she braises it for the first time to make tongue tacos.

Squid in Wine: While the roommate is away, Kristen Swensson indulges in her love of squid with a squid in red wine sauce that guarantees tenderness.