This Week's Tasty 10

According to our handy site-metering utility, the top 10 most delicious items across the Serious Eats family of sites this week were ...


1. The Serious Eats Ginger Beer Taste Test "I didn't think I'd overdone it when I walked into the office with seven bottles of ginger beer banging around in my bag. However, by the time I had poured out seven samples of each for five mouths to taste, things were starting to look a little crazy. We are very serious about our taste tests here at Serious Eats, so of course we did it blind-style and highly organized."

2. I Eat ______ Out of the Tin/Jar/Bottle... "...So, when I got home, I proceeded to do something that I generally do when I am really upset - I took my bottle of grainy mustard and ate the contents using only my's a comfort thing.

"So, I wanted to know what ye eat out of the bottle, the tim or the jar when you are upset, happy, starving, craving....

"Full disclosure - I also eat Heinz (British-style) Baked Beans out of the tin with a small spoon...when I am really in a good mood. That is close to Heaven for me. :)"

3. Serious Salsa: Chile Morita Salsa "...Now, you might think bringing salsa to a barbecue seems out of place. But this wasn’t just any barbecue—we were going to be serving barbacoa, which in Texas means slow-smoked cow head. (I could go into the details on how to smoke a cow’s head, but we’re here to talk about salsas, so we’ll save that discussion for another time and place.)..."

4. Eat for Eight Bucks: Cold Noodles "For as long as there have been noodles, the Chinese have been warding off heat stroke by chilling and serving them, with a smattering of slivered goodies, in pools of sesame and chili oils...."

5. Video: Squirrel Gets Head Stuck in Yogurt Cup Don't worry: The photographer apparently helped this little guy out.

6. Paying for someone else's party? "A good friend is having a "big" birthday. Family and other friends are throwing a big bash at a venue outside of a hosts' home in this person's honor. Formal invites have been issued, and the guests are required in the reply to provide a $40 per couple donation to cover the cost of the food and venue! I want to celebrate with my friend (who I don't believe knows about the required "donation") but even in a down economy, I find this to be tacky. The money is to be sent to someone I don't even of the hosts. Again, I'd have no problem bringing food and drink to help offset costs, but cash in advance to pay for a party I'm not hosting? Everyone involved here is of a significant age and career point, so we're not talking college age. Is it just me, or is this totally weird?"

7. Seriously Asian: Tofu Dengaku "While I'm amenable to the idea that somewhere out there, someone is baking one mean lasagna with tofu layered in the middle, I’m willing to bet that the best tofu dishes are the traditional ones."

8. Mixed Review: Crate and Barrel Jalapeño Lemonade vs. Homemade "Recently, while shopping at Crate & Barrel, I noticed a new line of lemonade mixes available in three varieties: strawberry, ginger peach, and jalapeño ($5.95 each).... The jalapeño especially piqued my interest.... I decided to test out the mix and also see if I could come up with a recipe for jalapeño lemonade on my own. Which would be more refreshing? Hotter? Better?"

9. The Joys of Unnaturally Flavored Sodas "Now I know that at least two serious eaters, me and Tom Colicchio, think Fresca is pretty swell. It's more than pretty swell. It's seriously delicious, in fact."

10. How Many Times a Day Do You Eat? "I find that during the work week I want one good meal, usually dinner, perhaps peppered with a snack or two during the day. Three meals a day, I don't think so. A big lunch does not work for my metabolism and makes me sluggish....then on weekends or when I go on vacations I find myself hungry all the time. I have to find the best places in town. How come? Eating in or dining out, how do you fare?"