It's a Little Quiet in This Corner

Aww. These Talk threads have few or zero replies as of today. Anyone have anything to say? (Psst: PumpkinBear REALLY wants an answer to the first one here.)

Talking Green BananasPambazos: Got a recipe? "My aunt once brought over a huge plate of pambazos and I immediately fell in love with them. I guess they could be considered Mexican sandwiches. They're made with a type of bread called bolillos. My aunt's were stuffed with a mixture of cheese, potatoes, chorize, and crema and were slathered with a spicy red sauce. My aunt recently moved back to Mexico and unfortunately, has no idea how to work a computer.... does anyone have a recipe they'd care to share?"

Help: LOTS of fresh epazote "I was so excited to find a bunch of epazote at my local farmers' market this morning that I bought it. So now what? I've found recipes for mole verde that look delicious, so I'll probably use about 1/2 of the bunch on that. Beans with a couple of sprigs, of course. Am I missing anything? And has anyone tried puréeing and freezing some, like basil, or does the flavor disappear that way?"

What's the best Moroccan Restaurant in Chicago? "Looking to try Moroccan food with friends and wondered if someone can recommend one...."

Restaurant Recommendations? Headed to Santa Barbara "I am heading to Santa Barbara the beginning of Sept. I am looking for the best places to eat. I couldn't care less if is is $5 or $50. Just looking for the best eats..."

[And joylissa chimes in that she wants answers, too. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?AK]

Getting grains to stick to top of machine-made bread "Anyone out there got advice on how to get grains to stick to top of the loaf during last stages of cooking? I like the idea a lot, but somehow not yet found the secret on getting them to remain there....about 1 hr before cooking completed. Tried light oil on top then grain, but most fall off."