It's a Little Quiet in This Corner

Aww. These Talk threads have few or zero replies as of today. Anyone have anything to say? (By the way, looks like we're all hankering for dim sum all of a sudden. What gives?

Dim Sum Restaurants in Toronto or GTA?
Talking Green Bananas"Anyone have ideas? I'm looking for quality over quantity at a reasonable price. Willing to pay more than the mass produced cart style service places."

Chicago Chinatown Dim Sum Recs Probably too late for Chew on That, who's probably been there and back, but it might be worth answering for other people heading to the Windy City: "Going to Chicago Chinatown tomorrow for dim sum. What's your favorite spot?"

Breville Convection Oven "Read several threads on toaster/convection ovens on this, my favorite site, but have never seen Breville (supposedly big deal at Williams Sonoma) discussed. I'm torn between this and the Cuisinart. Can my fellow Serious Eaters help me make a decision?"

Moroccan Hors D'Oeuvres? "Does anyone have good recipes for Moroccan hors d'oeuvres? Thanks."