Video: The Grill Sergeants, the Armed Forces' Cooking Show


Sick of watching chefs on television cook things you'd never cook at home? Maybe you're watching the wrong channel. Switch to The Pentagon Channel, where the U.S. military has its very own cooking show in The Grill Sergeants.

NPR recently profiled the show and its star chef, Sgt. First Class Brad Turner. Sgt. Turner, a native of New Orleans, keeps it real and doable on this weekly half-hour show.

The show focuses on real-life meals for military families, nutrition, and food-safety tips. Past show themes include Getting Out of Hot Water, Admiral's Faves, and Saving Private Dining (video below).

Like another famous chef from New Orleans, Sgt. Turner has his favorite catch phrases, including "Are you ready for this?" "Beautiful!" and "Whoowheee!" He also doesn't shy away from singing on camera.

The Grill Sergeants shows just how many types of jobs there are in the military. All the chefs who appear on the show are active-duty military along with military dietitians who give tips for commissary shopping. The show even has a house band: The Taste Buds—they're members of an Army jazz quartet.

Although I grew up minutes from The Pentagon, I had no clue it had its own channel. Along with military news and daily briefings from the State Department, The Pentagon Channel has an entire lifestyle-programming section, including an exercise show (Fit For Duty). The Pentagon Channel's content is broadcast through The American Forces Network, which serves American servicemen and -women, U.S. Navy ships, and Department of Defense employees and their families stationed at bases overseas.

You can also watch The Grill Sergeants on some on U.S. cable television networks, online, and as a podcast. Short clips are available on on YouTube.

The Grill Sergeants: Saving Private Dining