My Favorite Breakfast Meat: Chinese Sausage


Mantou, sweet steamed bread, and lap cheong, dried pork sausages. Admittedly, the above photo was not taken at breakfast, but I would happily eat this as my first meal of the day.

One of my earliest "happy breakfast" memories is when I was seven years old and visiting my grandfather in Taichung, Taiwan. There were no strips of bacon, nor sausage patties, nor hash browns, which was fine by me because when I was little I disliked pretty much all breakfast food that didn't fall into the "sweet carbohydrate" category. Breakfast sausages in particular were high on my "Do Not Want To Eat This Ever" list—I thought they had a funny, hyper-savory off-taste.

And then my grandfather gave me Chinese sausage and I saw the light. A very porky, fatty, and sweet light. To my tastes buds, those pink, chewy slices were everything typical American breakfast sausage was not: mostly, delicious. This is the sausage I wanted on my breakfast plate.

Who else is a Chinese sausage lover?