Leftovers: The Day's Stray Links

  • Gastro-emergency: An experimental German chef accidentally blew off both hands with liquid nitrogen. [The Local]
  • A Doll's Diet: American Girl doll Recbecca Rubin (a 1914 New Yorker) gets a plastic bagel with cheese (note: not cream cheese). [The Food Section]
  • Coffee Cup Investigation: Discovering "a lively underground market" of "misprint" coffee cups. [NYT]
  • Crab Couture: How to dress a crab. [Guardian]
  • Rachael Ray's Voice: She underwent surgery to remove a benign cyst. [NYDN]
  • Food Inc. for Free: Chipotle sponsors screenings in 32 cities. [EW]
  • German Chocolate Cake: "Execute with thoroughness and precision. Like the Germans would." [Heeb]
  • Fledgling Farmers: A younger generation of organic farmers emerges. [USAT]
  • Video: Spider pizza. Yes, for real. [Slice]