Leftovers: The Day's Stray Links

  • Michael Jackson: Nutritionist says KoP "didn't want to eat food"—except for fried chicken, juice, and trail mix. [E! Online]
  • Born in Fire: An interview with Richard Wrangham, whose theory is that cooking is what spurred human evolution. [Salon]
  • Grade Grubbing: In California, school gardens are springing up, with parents and children volunteering. [LAT]
  • Gelato in Florence: Italian-food expert Faith Willinger on this icy treat. [AFC]
  • Sun Soakin' Bulges in the Shade: Kevin D. Weeks, on how to pick, store, and cook with peaches. (The kind that don't come from a can.) [NPR]
  • Crabby: "New York has pizza. Chicago has hot dogs." D.C. has crab cakes. Jane Black, on where to find the best. [WaPo]