Leftovers: The Day's Stray Links


  • Carved Veggie Jacko: "Although their 'King Edward of Pop' didn’t even warrant a top three placing (presumably because the three Jackos cancelled each other out: and 'veg sculpting' has strangely become a much more popular category than last year) they took pleasure in the knowledge that the winning entry had used wool in its construction, which is animal matter, not vegetable matter and is therefore cheating in their humble opinions." [West End Whingers]
  • Van Replaces Farmstand: The Local Flavor van is part of an online-ordering system for farm-fresh goods. [WaPo]
  • Squid: Not just for calamari. [Gourmet]
  • The More You Eat: Mark Bittman rethinks canned beans. They're actually good, he says. Well, imagine that. [Bitten]
  • My Goodness: A ton of musicians playing out across Dublin to celebrate celebrated brewer's 250th anniversary. [Telegraph]
  • Profile: A window into the world of Lisa Lillien, the woman behind the popular dieting site Hungry Girl. [LAT]
  • Video Tip: Save your bacon grease. [Chow]
  • LA > Sandwiches: Sandwiches from around the world, all within the City of Angels. Heavenly. [LAT]