Leftovers: The Day's Stray Links


  • Watch This! Synesthesia (above) is a surreal short film that looks at food in a rather jumbled way. [Terri Timely via Gastriques]
  • José Andrés's Daily Intake: The renown Spanish chef comes in for the gourmet.com "My Day on a Plate" treatment. [gourmet.com]
  • Wacko: Adam Roberts makes sugar-studded glove-shape cookies as a tribute to late King of Pop. [Amateur Gourmet]
  • New McD's Burger: The Angus Third-Pounder rolls out as permanent menu item in all markets. (On that note, it looks like the Mac Snack Wrap is also out in the U.S. now; I saw a commercial for it last night.) [Chicago Tribune]
  • Roadfood Couple Divorce: Jane and Michael Stern divorced a year ago but still continue to write together. [NewsTimes.com via Gastriques]
  • Don't Lick the Bowl: Editorial urges Congress, White House to strengthen FDA's powers after 69 people fall ill from eating Nestlé raw cookie dough. [NYT]
  • Speaking of Which: How to find out if the food you're eating is safe. [ABC News]
  • Dangerous Drinks: Utility knife blades found in packages of Hardcore Energize Bullet and New Whey products. [AP]
  • Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies: A recipe. [Chronicle]
  • Rosé Boom: Lots of good-quality rosés for summer sipping. [Seattle Times]
  • Frugality Illustrated: Chris Kimball talks about America's traditional budget-stretching eats. [NPR]