Leftovers: The Day's Stray Links

  • Cherry on Top: How to use Washington cherries. [NPR]
  • Fat-Fighting Fiber: Roughage is in as a means of losing weight, curbing cholesterol and diabetes. [Seattle Times]
  • Horton Who? Tim Horton's, the popular Canadian doughnut chain, moves into New York City. [NYT]
  • Calorie Restriction: Monkeys on strict, spartan diets live longer, contract fewer diseases, 20-year study finds. [Science Now]
  • Doggone It! Obese children taking part in exercise study fool researchers by attaching pedometers to their dogs' collars. [BBC News via The Awl]
  • Laptop Lessons: Cooking shows broadcasting over the web. [CBS News]
  • More Julia: Vanity Fair's take on Julia Child. [VF]
  • G-Ate: The G-8 pledges $20 billion to help feed the world's hungry. [WSJ]