Kellogg's UK's Unintentionally Pervy Muesli Ad Campaign


20090708-kelloggst.jpgKellogg's UK has rolled out a new muesli cereal called Nature's Pleasure supported by an ad campaign that features cartoon people in various states of undress doing inexplicable things with their morning meal.

Blogger Meemalee picked up her copy of thelondonpaper a couple days ago and paid a little more attention to the illustrated weirdness of the ad than Kellogg's probably would have liked.

As you turn the pages, the multipart ad spells out "We've added something new to muesli,", with the dazed-looking cartoon people holding up the message's letters, sitting on them, or just leaning against them and taking a little more of nature's pleasure than one should from breakfast cereal (right).

But the company got wind of Meemalee's blog post and showed a remarkable sense of humor, responding to her with an email message that reads, in part: "Thank you for bringing this to our attention Meemalee. You've given our entire office a huge laugh today. Very funny stuff. There were literally tears of laughter from all of us sitting here in our cowboy boots and underpants...."