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There were cherries everywhere as I walked through the farmers' market the other day. This was following an enormous cherry delivery to the Serious Eats office, so I was a bit cherried out by then, but the gorgeous shades of red at the market were a siren call. The deep red of the Bings and the pink blush of the Rainiers just visually exploded.

Cherry season runs from late June through August in the Northeast, and this fruit is high in antioxidants and vitamin C. The Rainier variety, my favorite, are the sweetest type and contain 23 percent more sugar than any other cherry. I like fresh cherries, but I've included different preparations here (after the jump) in both sweet and savory applications. There's even a punch for those so inclined. My suggestion? Start off with some of the Cotillion Club Punch while you peruse our offerings.

Cherry Recipes

How do you enjoy your cherries?