Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 76: 'Papacito, Part II,' Size Matters

20080306-scale.jpgThe diet books often tell you to measure your progress by putting on the same article of clothing and seeing how it fits. The theory is week by week, month by month, it should get a little easier to get into the pants or the shirt or the belt.

I have two belts, one green and one brown, and a handsome red shirt Alaina brought back from India, that I have been using to take the measure of the success or failure of my serious diet.

When Alaina gave me the shirt when she came back from India six months ago I could barely button the buttons. Now it fits really well, and it is in my regular shirt rotation.

The green belt became viable about a month ago. The brown belt is the last holdout, the final stubborn reflection of my former girth.

I bought some new jeans over the weekend: Size 38. Regular Fit! Can you believe it? I walked into the Gap and tried on a pair of 40s. They were too baggy. They weren't falling down or anything, but they were definitely too big. How cool is that?

So I left the dressing room and gave back the size 40s to the attendant. "Those are too big," I said, trying to sound cool and matter of fact.

I found a pair of 38s and they fit much better. I thought back to my papacito moment of a few months ago. This was papacito, part II. If only my smart and cheeky young Latina sales woman could see me now.

I took the size 38s home. It was time to try on the brown belt again, in my new size 38 jeans. Maybe, just maybe, I could make it to the second notch on the final serious diet measurement, the brown belt.


I put the brown belt in the jeans. I could only get to the first notch. It looks like I am going to have to drop these last twelve pounds to get to the second hole. Oh well, something to aspire to.

The Weigh-In

Let's see if I've made any progress towards that second notch. 212. Down a pound from last week. Look out, second notch. Here I come!