Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 75: Can (and Should) I Give Up the Flavored Liquid Habit?

20080306-scale.jpgI've read all the literature on how important drinking plain water is to any meaningful weight loss effort, but I must admit I am having trouble giving up flavored liquids cold turkey.

I have managed to kick the Diet Coke habit. But I certainly haven't given up on diet sodas or soft drinks as a whole. Last night I posted about the joys of Fresca. I drink Snapple Diet Cranberry Raspberry Drink because it doesn't have any caffeine. When I'm up on Cape Cod, I drink Cape Cod Cranberry Dry. It's a local soda made with 5% cranberry juice concentrate. I know I shouldn't, but I drink a bottle a day of the stuff. At least I did last week. I've been drinking a lot more plain seltzer lately (I loathe flavored seltzer), but plain seltzer does not satisfy my flavor jones.

I'm a flavor junkie. That's the bottom line. And as a flavor junkie I'm loathe to give up flavor in my cold beverages even though every diet book I read tells me to do just that.

I guess my real fear here is that if I switch to all water, all the time, my desire for flavor in everything I eat and drink will drive me to consume more calories. The scenario goes something like this: If I can't have a flavored diet drink I'll have a pretzel or some almonds or even God forbid, some potato chips. Nothing good comes out of that scenario.

I'm not sure what the answer is. This past week the answer was Cape Cod Cranberry Dry. It's got 10 calories per serving, but it's worth it, at least to me. Long term, I guess I'm just going to have to deal with this issue day by day, week to week.

The Weigh-In

I think the Cape Cod Cranberry Dry helped this past week. I did manage to restrict my pie intake (and curb my impulse to embark on an all pie diet) to two small slices of strawberry rhubarb pie (Mrs. Blake's version was far superior to Pain D'Avignon's). But the truth is reflected by what's on the scale. Here we go: 213. Same as last week. Maybe if I had drunk water instead of all those 10 calorie servings of Cape Cod Cranberry Dry Diet Cranberry, I would have lost a pound or two. Stay tuned.