Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace in Columbus, Ohio



Photos courtesy of Harold LaRue, Jen Killius and Kiesha Jenkins.

In early July, Columbus, Ohio became home to Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace, quite possibly the best-looking hot dog joint I've seen in a while. The logo was designed by fellow Philadelphia artist and chili-dog aficianado Thom Lessner, whose amazing paintings of hair metal stars and classic baseball players cover every inch of the restaurant's interior.


The hot dogs look just as incredible. They've got the classics—the Chicago dog, chili dog with "Coney Sauce," and a slaw dog (whose slaw is spiked with Sriracha). Also on the menu are original creations like the Nikola, covered in tzatziki sauce and green relish; the Ohiana, topped with jalapeño corn relish and celery salt; and the decadent Whoa Nellie, jammed with pulled brisket and barbecue sauce. Then there's the Korean-style Seoul Dog topped with kimchi and a Bollywood Dog blanketed with spicy mango chutney.


Dirty Frank's standard hot dog is Chicago's Vienna all-beef, but they'll do anything on the menu with a polish sausage, bratwurst, veggie dog or veggie brat. Definitely something for everyone.

Along with the dogs, Dirty Frank's is also doing hand-cut french fries, tater tots, baked beans, and a Chicago-style mac & cheese with Vienna sport peppers. To drink there's Frostop root beer from Springfield, Ohio, and ice cream sodas featuring Columbus's own Jeni's ice cream.


You can also guzzle down a habanero-lime slushie (add booze for $4) or check out their full bar, whose beer selection includes local Ohio, New York state, and Pennsylvania breweries such as Troegs, Barrel House, and Great Lakes Brewing Company. (Or keep it simple and crack open a can of Schlitz or PBR.)

Swing by if you're in the area, or order a Dirty Frank's T-shirt to add to your hot dog shirt collection. (Don't we all have one?)

Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace

248 South Fourth Street, Columbus OH 43215 (map) 614-824-4673