Cakespy on Why Whoopie Pies Ain't All That


Photograph from The Cooking of Joy

Cakespy's Jessie Oleson gives the "whoopie pies are the next big thing" movement a good ol' Bronx cheer:

Problem one: The Stupid Name. There's no delicate way to say it: Whoopie Pie is a stupid-sounding name. For me, "whoopie" conjures up goofy images of sexual reference on the Newlywed Show and cushions that make farting sounds. I don't know about you, but even adding "pie" after it doesn't serve to cancel out these associations or change them to "irresistible dessert".

Ms. Oleson also has problems with "the cute factor" (not much, she says) and their size (too big). I, for one, would still rather eat, look at, or read about whoopie pies than, say, cupcakes.