Kids Can Make Dumplings More Slowly with Bandai's Gyoza Maker


I feel like the most fun part of making dumplings is the part where you crimp the edges and marvel at your hand made dough pouch, but maybe my opinion would change if I tried Bandai's new gyoza (dumpling) maker [English translation]. According to Bandai's website, the gyoza maker is geared towards 8 to 12-year-old girls (no boys allowed?) and their parents, and will be available starting on July 25 for ¥3,150 (about $33). Place the dumpling skin on the rollers, use the included spatula to plop in some filling, close the lid, crank away, and—ta da, dumpling sort of instantly plops into the drawer below!

If I were a kid I'd probably love this thing. As an adult, I love it just because it takes the individual dumpling-making process to such complicated heights by way of an aesthetically pleasing toy. I'm looking forward to hearing how well this thing works in real life. [via Gizmodo]