This Week in Recipes


Cook the Book: Caroline Russock writes of that peerless combination of dough and filling, as it applies to Francis Mallmann's Empanadas Mendocinas, the classic Argentinian pastry of chopped beef, hard-boiled eggs, and green olives.

No More Bagged Baby Spinach: Gina di Palma professes her love of verdant, mature spinach and shares her recipe for Frittelle di Spinaci.

Soup Tonight: Blake Royer shares some tips for making a simple, well-executed Genovese Minestrone, a soup that eats like a meal and is infinitely adaptable.

A Fresh Approach: Kerry Saretsky discusses the versatility of crème fraîche, a user-friendly ingredient that adds a bit of tang and cream to any dish.

From Head to Tail: Nick Kindelsperger tackles a fish dish head-on (literally), and tries a recipe for Korean Roasted Fish, made with with a spicy-sweet sauce and broiled to crispy goodness.