The Tornado Potato Touches Down in the U.S.


Remember the tornado potato? That strange spiral-cut potato that's skewered and deep-fried? The street-food treat found in Seoul, South Korea? It did a whirlwind tour of the web in 2007, when the blog Superlocal posted a photo of it. (And, yes, we blogged it, too.)

It looks like the tornado potato has finally made it Stateside. It'll be available at the Minnesota State Fair this year (August 27 through Labor Day), but I caught sight of one this week on the boardwalk in Wildwood, New Jersey, which is basically all state-fair food all the time (at least during the summer tourist season). [What it looks like, after the jump ...]


Called "Tornado Fries" here in Wildwood, it's the same thing the South Koreans have had for a while now—an entire potato spiral-cut on a stick and fried. The one we tried was interesting and tasted like a cross between sautéed potato slices and fries. They're available with an array of toppings, including barbecue, cheddar, nacho cheese, Old Bay, ranch, and salt and vinegar, among others.

Suggested accompaniment: an OJ shake-up from the Curly's Fries stand at Schellenger Avenue just a couple blocks north.

Tornado Fries

Wildwood Boardwalk (b/n Spicer and Garfield avenues; map)