Snapshots from the South of France: Chocolate Olives


Now I know why we stole the phrase Trompe d’Oeil right out of the French language.

Absolutely everywhere we went in the South, from every tiny medieval town to every swarming, sultry city, we found chocolate olives. I’ve already told you about the black olive ice cream that we ate in Nice, but these don’t actually have any olives in them whatsoever.

20090611ChocolateOlivesInterior.jpgInstead, they are sort of the peanut M&M of the South of France. The outside is a candy sugar shell, inside dark or milk chocolate, and inside that, a toasted almond or a bit of praline. The lovely thing about them is that they are sold in vats, just like the olives outside in the market, in great big cerignola reds, tiny niçoise blacks, and vibrant picholine greens. And the best part is, you don’t have to spit out the pits. In fact, they’re the very best part.