I Want This: Shin Bob, a Ball of Old Rice


I didn't know what Shin Bob was when I first came across it, but as a rotund blob with nubs-for-arms and abnormally huge eyes, it was love at first sight. And then Emily Koh told me that the Korean words "shin bob" translated to "old rice" (think of the crusty bits at the bottom of a rice cooker) and it all made sense—the brown gradient, the rice paddle sticking out of its head, the accompanying untainted rice grain buddy. Never before would I have thought that a ball of old, crusty rice could be so cute (although I'll note that burnt bread is also quite adorable); it's a fine example of Unexpected Anthropomorphic Food.

Alas, I think I'm living in the wrong country to get my hands on a squishtastic Shin Bob plush toy. If you come across one in South Korea, think of me.

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