Michelle Obama: Should Our First Lady Also Be America's Chef de Cuisine?

20090311-micheleobama.jpgThe New York Times' Amanda Hesser made an interesting, thoughtful, and insidiously provocative suggestion over the weekend; that Michelle Obama, who has already adopted local, healthy food as one of her signature issues (how was dinner at Blue Hill the other night?), should also encourage families to sit down to meals they have actually cooked instead of ordered or reheated. So here's the question: Should our First Lady also be our nation's chef de cuisine?

Hesser was actually having an Alice Waters moment (Alice has been advocating this for years), but somehow coming from Hesser, this bit of advocacy sounded downright soothing. There's no doubt that both Hesser and Waters are right: Cooking and eating meals together are good for families, good for tummies and taste buds, and good for the country as a whole.

There appears to be one major impediment to the Obama administration adopting this issue: Michelle Obama doesn't like to cook.

Should we chip in to get Michelle some cooking lessons? Send her some cookware? Can't the White House's hipster chef de cuisine, Sam Kass, give her a few pointers? Stage a cook-in on the White House lawn? I'd like to suggest some Serious Eats cooking video webisodes starring Sam Kass and Michelle Obama. We'll even pay the production costs.