Food & Music Fest Spotlight: 'The Super Bowl of Regional Food,' Says The SF Chronicle


Yesterday I went over to the offices of the San Francisco Chronicle, weighed down with samples from many of the purveyors appearing at the fest. It was kind of a thrilling moment for me, because when all the foods were assembled, prepared, and laid out in the Chronicle's awesome test kitchen, I was seeing the fest made manifest for the very first time. Everything was just so friggin' tasty. It was a veritable festival of serious deliciousness: Anchor Bar Chicken Wings; Southside Market Barbecue; Graeter's Ice Cream; Junior's Cheesecake; Tony Luke's Roast Pork Sandwich with Broccoli Rabe and Sharp Provolone; his incomparable cheesesteaks; Pink's Chili Dogs, and Katz's Pastrami Sandwiches. Man, I am telling you serious eaters, it was all crazy good.

How crazy good was it? Michael Bauer, on his blog this morning, called the Great American Food & Music Fest "the Super Bowl of American regional food." Not bad at all, serious eaters. And he just might be right. Get your tickets here and get $5 off.