This Week in Recipes


Mighty 'Migas: This traditional Spanish dish, brought to you by Blake Royer, gets a mouthwatering makeover with mushrooms, butter, and parsley resulting in must-try mushroom 'migas.

Haute Ham and Cheese: Lunch meat and Wonder Bread be-gone! Kerry Saretsky shares this exquisite sandwich recipe made on Parmesan and Gruyère Gougères, spread with chive Dijon butter, then layered with French prosciutto and baby arugula.

Lamb Falafel: Meat Lite's Tara Mataraza Desmond whips up this natural marriage of falafel mixed with lamb all tucked inside a crispy pita that will definitely "rival a hoagie" any day of the week.

Baja Taco's: Fish tacos are becoming increasingly popular, however, they are not always as tasty as they should be. This recipe for Baja-style tempura fish tacos from Taco's by Mark Miller is delicious, simple, and fantastically fresh.

Pad See Yum: With a little trial and error, Nick Kindelsperger presents a delicious Thai dish- pad see ew- that will impress even the most discriminating dinner guest.

A Fine Breakfast: Ed Levine recreates a favorite (and timeless) combination, peanut butter and jelly, stuffed inside a flaky puff pastry turnover that is perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or dessert.