This Week's Tasty 10

According to our handy site-metering utility, the top 10 most delicious items across the Serious Eats family of sites this week were ...


1. Grilling: Barbecue Chicken "I don't know how many burnt pieces of chicken need to be eaten until we realize that barbecue sauce is not a marinade. Cooking barbecue chicken properly is pretty simple, and produces heavenly results." [from Recipes]

2. DIY Espresso "If you're absolutely, 100 percent serious about making your own espresso, you'll want to go beyond merely grinding boutique beans in the morning."

3. Serious Heat: Create Your Own Spice Blends "With so many spices at your disposal, why not use these to create your own spice blends?" [from Recipes]

4. In Season: Strawberries "With strawberries now in season, there is no excuse not to use them as often as possible. Slice them up into cereal, put them on top of a waffle, or just eat them out of hand. But don't feel constrained by the traditional breakfast uses of these lovely berries. We've put together some recipes that use strawberries not only for breakfast and dessert but in more savory contexts."

5. Snapshots from South Korea: Fried Things on Sticks "Judging from the popularity of street food (and restaurants in general) in Seoul, I'm under the impression that Seoulites are hungry all the time, or they really like eating. Which means, aside from not knowing how to speak Korean, I fit right in."

6. Don't read this. I am an evil old man
Grumpy Old Man is not only evil (and, actually, I sincerely doubt that), he's a master of reverse psychology. —AK [from Talk]

7. The Secret to Perfectly Poached Eggs "Everyone has "the best" approach to poaching an egg, just like every region has the best barbecue sauce and every Jewish mother has the best matzoh ball soup recipe. There's a lot of conflicting information out there. Is a splash of vinegar necessary? Should you crack the eggs in a separate cup first?"

8. What does a young foodie/recent grad need in his kitchen? "My friend and I recently graduated from a small liberal arts school on the West Coast. He took a job in San Francisco and moved into a tiny apartment in the city (read: he is now broke). I want to get him a nice apartment warming gift, but I am at a loss, so I was wondering, for the experienced people out there: What kitchen item do you wish you had possessed when you were first starting out, when you had nothing but a pot or two, a fork, and a spoon? What does my boy, a serious eater indeed, need in his life? " [from Talk]

9. Serious Green: Planting a Container Garden "While plenty of us would love to be outdoor gardens in our hypothetical sprawling backyards, the reality is that many of us lack the space to do so. Especially in urban areas, many apartment-dwellers don’t have a square inch of soil to call their own. But container-potted plants can flourish in all kinds of unlikely spaces. (And not just that geranium on your windowsill.) Here are a few tips for planning your own container garden."

10. Dear Whole Foods ... "I am a huge fan of your prepared foods. They are delicious and fresh and (almost) reasonably priced for dinner. However, the naan that you have at your Indian steam table is blasphemous. It is cold and chewy and generally abysmal. Also: Please get some cilantro chutney." [from Talk]