Leftovers: The Day's Stray Links

  • The Obama Menu: Dining with Barack Obama: New book features food that Obama might have eaten. With numerous Alice Waters appearances throughout. [amazon.com, via EMD]
  • California Blueberries: A list of farmers' markets and U-pick farms where you can find them. [LAT]
  • Restaurants Cutting Lunch Prices: "There is no reason why anyone should spend more than $10 for lunch," says FoSE Zach Brooks. [Seattle Times]
  • Weed Feed: Dandelion greens, purslane, stinging nettles showing up in supermarkets. [WSJ]
  • Top Chef Masters: An interview with judge Jay Rayner. [The-Feedbag]
  • Northern Thai Cuisine: The region's history and geography have played large role in its cooking style, with its heavy use of herbs and flowers and influences from bordering countries. [Reuters]
  • Forged in Fire: New book Catching Fire argues that cooking spurred evolution from ape to human. [NYT]
  • Pound Cake: Tips and a recipe for perfect results. [Seattle Times]
  • About Time: New FDA chiefs stress science, better food safety. [AP]
  • Summer Cooking: Food safety tips for cookouts and picnics. [Salt Lake Tribune]
  • Healthy School Lunches: Institutions face tough hurdle in trying to change students' eating habits. [Reuters]
  • Ingredient Substitutions: What to swap in for mirin. [Seattle Times]
  • Try It; You'll Like It: 10 classic Italian foods that may be new to you. [Epi-Log]
  • No Halal at U.S. KFCs: Despite a widely publicized test in London, KFC does not plan to offer halal meat in the States. [NRN]