In Videos: Chef Dan Barber Speaks on Sustainable Foie Gras


On Monday night, Dan Barber, the pioneering farm-to-table chef of Blue Hill, won the James Beard Foundation award for Outstanding Chef of the year. This video of him at the Taste3 conference in Napa Valley last year focuses on the politics of foie gras. "The problem for chefs is that it's so freakin' delicious." True, true. Sure, you can cook great food without it, but that's like biking the Tour de France without steroids, he jokes. Barber mostly talks about a farmer named Eduardo Sousa, who works on a small farm in Spain and doesn't torture his quackers before we spread them on crackers.

Now, what I really want to know—what's that guitar doing on stage? Was there a foie gras jam session we missed off camera? The video, after the jump.

Dan Barber Speaks on Sustainable Foie Gras

[via Food Mayhem]

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