Hand-Held Espresso Wand From MyPressi

Good espresso is indispensable, but at-home options are few—classic Moka Pots that don’t get a decent crema, or modern machines that are clunky and pricey.

And now there’s a third option: the Mypressi Twist ($129), available for pre-order now. This hand-held wand runs on tiny gas cartridges, requiring no other power. Fill the machine with ground espresso (or an espresso pod) in one chamber, and hot water in the other. Pull the trigger, and the gas pressure forces water through the coffee, pouring a strong extracted shot.

Of course, the Mypressi begs a few questions—how many gas canisters does this thing go through? (And how suspicious will I look buying that many?) If it’s dependent on hot water, is it really portable? And if I toss it in my purse, as they suggest, will everything in my bag smell like coffee? But doubts aside, it's a cool step forward in coffee technology. [via Diner's Journal]