Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 68: Coming Up on the Big 5-0

20080306-scale.jpgThough I've been stuck at 219 pounds for the last month (damn these cursed weight-loss plateaus), it's occurred to me that if I continue to lose weight, I will shortly pass the 50-pound weight-loss threshold. I guess this really is a serious diet I've been on.

When I decided to do something about my weight a little more than a year and a half ago, I weighed in at an all-time high of 265 pounds. Small for an NFL offensive lineman, but way, way too much for me, a pretty good, fast-on-my-feet-considering-I-weighed- 250-pounds, scrambling flag football quarterback in college (my teams did win the intramural flag-football championship at Grinnell four years in a row).

So being stuck on 219 means I have lost forty-six pounds up to this point. Forty-six pounds is a lot of weight to lose. Don't get me wrong, if I didn't lose another pound I would still regard it as an incredible accomplishment if in fact I manage to keep it off. But 50 pounds--wow, 50 pounds--would just be amazing. I know it's just a number, an arbitrary number at that, but what a number that would be. And based on my interim daily weigh-ins this week, unless Thinner is broken from me jumping on it too many times during my serious diet, I just may have a shot at the big 50. Holy shit!

The week started off at my son's college graduation at Kenyon in Gambier, Ohio. My wife and I flew to Columbus, picked up a one-way rental car at the Columbus airport, and immediately found our way to our favorite Columbus eating spot, City Barbecue. And much to my delight, when we did drive in to the City Barbecue parking lot we noticed that a frozen custard stand, Whit's, had opened up across the street.

After a most excellent barbecue and frozen custard lunch we made our way to Gambier, 50 miles away. Gambier is in Knox County, which might be the worst food county in America. I have searched, Lord, have I searched, for something seriously delicious to eat in Knox County, but it's just not there. The Kenyon College food service serves up unspeakably bad food on a regular basis, and the surrounding family-style restaurants that advertise home cooking serve Country Time lemonade. What more needs to be said?

So needless to say the three days we spent on the Kenyon campus for Will's graduation were so exciting for so many reasons (that was our boy up there getting his diploma--yay!), but the food wasn't one of those reasons. So by the time I got on the scale Monday morning, I was already down to 217. The big 50 was in sight. Subsequent weigh-ins have indicated that this morning just might be the moment. Let's see.

The Weigh-In

Here we go. 214 pounds. Either Thinner really is broken or I have really broken the big 5-0. Fifty-one pounds to be exact. Can you believe it, serious eaters?