Cook the Book: 'Serious Barbecue' by Adam Perry Lang


Adam Perry Lang is a French-trained chef with years of experience at illustrious restaurants such as Daniel, Le Cirque, and Guy Savoy. With a resume like that you might assume that Lang would be more comfortable with squeeze bottles and a sous vide machine than tongs and a grill.

In fact, Lang has retired his proverbial toque and become a bona fide barbecue expert. In 2003 he opened Daisy May's BBQ and entered the professional barbecue circuit. Lang's pork shoulder won first place at the World Series of Barbecue and was named Grand Champion at the World Pork Expo.

With victories like these under his belt, it's obvious that Lang knows his barbecue. His next project is taking him across the Atlantic to team up with Jamie Oliver; together they're starting a chain of barbecue restaurants in England.

Serious Barbecue is one of the most comprehensive barbecue books available, a virtual barbecue bible.

In the first chapter, "Barbecue Basics," Lang gives you a rundown of everything you need to know to become a serious barbecuer, from tools and equipment to methods of cooking, fuel source, brining, and the proper way to clean your grill. There's even a section debunking 12 common barbecue myths. Lang is a grilling encyclopedia; check out this interview for some helpful grilling tips.

With the warm weather well on its way, we are bringing you a week's worth of Lang's best barbecue recipes. Classics like chicken thighs and brisket, along with some great grillable sides—corn on the cob with Lang's own New Mexican twist and grilled artichokes with anchovy butter and Lang's own recipe for homemade barbecue sauce. Caroline Russock

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