Food & Music Fest Bite Spotlight: The Bacon Chronicles



The Great American Food & Music Fest

When: Saturday, June 13; doors open at noon
Where: Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View CA
What: A celebration of great American food, chefs, musicians, and winemakers, hosted Bobby Flay and featuring some of the best regional food purveyors in one place
Cost: Prices vary, $35 to $526. Use promo code "foodfest" to save $5 if you purchase tickets before 5/26/09.
Bite Spotlights: Pink's Hot Dogs (LA), Tony Luke's Sandwiches (PHL)
Tickets available here »

I know commissioner Kuban has tried to put a lid on bacon posts on Serious Eats, but I know he'll make an exception for this bacon spotlight. Serious eaters attending the Great American Food & Music Fest in Mountain View, California, on June 13 are going to be able to chow down on their choice of three of the best bacons in the country, as chosen by Zingerman's very own baconologist, Ari Weinsweig, (the author of the forthcoming definitive bacon tome, Bacon), as well as what we think will be a truly great BLT, made with just enough bacon, vine-ripened locally grown tomatoes, local lettuce, Hellman's mayo, and Acme Bread Company's Pullman loaf bread. Serious eaters can even vote for their favorite bacon.

Mr. Weinzweig (or should I say "Swinezweig") is still curating his bacon choices, but I know that he plans to include the following: Allan Benton, Nueske's, Vande Rose artisan dry-cured bacon, and Edwards of Surry, Virginia. The man knows his bacon, so you can be sure your bacon taste buds are in good hands.

Remember, tickets for the Great American Food & Music Fest, on June 13 at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California, start at $35, which includes all ticketing fees and your first plate of food.

Here's more info on the Food & Music Fest. And you can buy tickets here. If you type in the "foodfest" promotional code when you do, you'll get $5 off. But don't delay, because the promo code expires on May 26.