Whole Chicken in a Can Taste Test


Photograph by Tracy O'Connor

Ever see a can give birth to a chicken before? Head to I Hate My Message Board for all the gooey photos. Blogger Tracy O'Connor documents the uncanning of a Sweet Sue Canned Whole Chicken and tastes test it so you don't have to. Ingredient-wise it's inoffensive—there's just chicken, water, and salt. Unsurprisingly, it doesn't taste very good ("it all tasted like all the flavor had been cooked out"), despite how delicious the can says it should taste. Full-on chicken goo action, after the jump.


What sound doth this chicken make? Shloop? Ploop? Fwwuup? Photograph by Tracy O'Connor

[via Food Network Humor]

For another fun description sans visual accompaniment, read Paul Lukas's review at Core77. Once a quivering mound of congealed goop, always a quivering mound of congealed goop:

After following the directions to chill the product, I opened the can, dumped the contents into a large pan, and found myself staring at a quivering mound of congealed goop. Figuring there must be a fowl in there somewhere, I pawed my way through the gelatinous mass and, sure enough, discovered one very sorry-looking chicken about the size of a Cornish hen. I poked at a wing; it fell off.

And to the few of you whose appetite for more canned chicken action has yet to abate, the A.V. Club reviewed a different brand of canned chicken with video documentation back in February.