This Week in Recipes


Parfait Pistou: Lover of fungi and all things French, Kerry Saretsky shares an elegant and wholesome recipe for multigrain spaghetti coated in a creamy mushroom sauce.

Hot Buns: Andrea Lynn packs some serious heat into your everyday patty with this pimento cheese burger, which she recommends serving on red-pepper-flake-topped focaccia bread.

Ring the Alarm: Nick Kindelsperger's smokin' three alarm tofu with oyster mushrooms and spinach is a must-try for dinner tonight.

The Power of Paprikash: Take a bite out of Blake Royer's rousing rendition of sauerkraut and sausage parprikash—an inexpensive, simple, and very flavorful recipe.

Craving Cabbage: Fulfill your weekly brassica quota with Joy Manning's recipe for cabbage apple casserole with smokey bacon.

Veg Out: Kristen Swensson creates a delicious sweet and spicy tofu recipe that will please the palates of carnivores and vegetarians alike.