This Week In Recipes


Matzo for the Masses: Robyn Lee demystifies the daunting task of making matzo by way of chef Daniel Boulud and boulanger Mark Fiorentino of New York's restaurant, Daniel.

DIY Peeps: Eliminate the long list of unpronounceable ingredients and follow Erin Zimmer's very simple recipe for our favorite Easter time treat.

Italian Easter Essential: Although the main ingredient, grano cotto, can be difficult to find, Gina DePalma promises that traditional Italian Pastiera (ricotta and cooked grains cake) is well worth the effort.

Eat Like an Egyptian: Blake Royer serves up a pleasing recipe for Ful Medames (Egyptian-style breakfast beans) that come fully equipped with two fried eggs.

'Wichcraft: We could definitely take a large bite out of this recipe for smoked ham and avocado with butter sandwich, brought to you by Grace Kang.

Rotation Worthy: Perhaps not suitable for royalty, but Kristen Swensson's healthy and delicious Chicken Paprikash does just fine in our books.