This Week's Tasty 10

According to our handy site-metering utility, the top 10 most delicious items across the Serious Eats family of sites this week were ...


1. How to Make S'meeps: S'mores Plus Peeps Today's Tasy 10 may as well have been Peeps Week redux. The top item this week was the S'meeps entry, but How to Make Peeps from Scratch and How to Make Chocolate-Covered Peeps would have been 4 and 7, respectively.

2. Giant Cheetos vs. Regular Cheetos "The mystery package contained two bags of Giant Cheetos in regular and 'Flaming Hot' flavors. The bags made it seem like the corn-based snacks inside would be the size of baseballs. Never before had I thought, 'Man, I wish this Cheetos puff were larger,' while eating a regular-sized Cheetos, but now that I held such a product in my hands, I felt mildly excited."

3. 'Top Chef Masters' Contestant Line-Up Announced "It's likely that only hardcore chef groupies will recognize all the names on the list—the most high-profile are probably Rick Bayless, John Besh, and Art Smith—but the list is solid nonetheless."

4. Served: Why Not to Date Customers (One Day I Will Learn) "'I have plans.' I did have plans. And I couldn’t believe E. was asking me out after blowing me off. And asking me out while on a date."

5. Passover Pasta Rules? "I'm confused. Help! I'm trying to wrap my arms around Passover meal do's and don'ts. I read that pasta is considered a non-Kosher food during Passover because it contains flour/wheat. Could you skirt around that by making pasta out of matzoh?" [from Talk]

6. Cooking from the Glossies: Key Lime Coconut Cake "What to do with two limes on the verge of expiration? Seriously, they didn't even look like limes anymore, but more like deformed green balls of death. Not to worry—they still turned out to be exceptional in this Key Lime Coconut Cake from the March issue of Gourmet. Even with my decrepit, non-Key limes, the cake turned out great and was the family favorite among the four desserts I randomly baked one weekend." [from Recipes]

7. I Ate L.A. "For reasons I will never understand, Dodger Dogs are incredibly popular among the Dodger Stadium faithful."

8. Healthy & Delicious: Chicken Paprikash "Chicken paprikash is not necessarily something you’d prepare for Queen Elizabeth but is a tasty, comforting, simple dinner you don’t have to spend too many brain cells on. Served with egg noodles and a side vegetable, there are few suppers that can trump its down-hominess or general well-roundedness." [from Recipes]

9. Kitchen stuff: I'd buy ___ used, but would never buy __ used "I love shopping antique stores, used book stores, and local thrift stores (and the occasional garage sale) looking for kitchen stuff. I've bought pots and serving dishes and gadgets, but there are some things I'm skeptical about.... So where do you draw the line?" [from Talk]

10. Easter Dinner Desserts? "So, I've been tagged to make dessert for the b/f's family Easter dinner, in large part because my version of the Ina Garten Beatty's Chocolate Cake has been a big hit in the past. The request included 'because you are so good with chocolate,' but I'm tired of that chocolate cake. Anyone have some suggestions for a chocolatey Easter Dinner dessert?" [from Talk]