Facebook Groups Respond to 'Anti-Kebab' Law in Italy


Last week, a law nicknamed the "anti-kebab law" was passed in the Lombardy region of Italy (which includes Milan), reports the New York Times. While it applies to all fast-food and takeout eateries, including gelaterias, it seems to be targeted at the mostly immigrant entrepreneurs behind the kebab joints.

Under the new legislation, customers can no longer dilly-dally on the adjacent sidewalks outside the joints, and the joints themselves must close by 1 a.m. (prime time for meat on a spit).

Protesters have called this a thinly veiled stab at immigrants, and in response, are rallying on Facebook. With 4,279 members, "No alla legge anti-kebab della Regione Lombardia. Disobbedienza alimentare" has inspired many emphatic wall postings. The center-right majority behind the law argues that it will preserve the "real" Italian cuisine and do away with questionably hygienic street foods.

Hmm, anything anti-street meat rubs me the wrong way.

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