Snapshots from Iceland: Wall of Coca-Cola

I visited Iceland from April 18 to 24. Although this sparsely populated country may not be known for its cuisine, there was plenty of interesting food to report on. This week I'll share some food-related bits with you.


Aluminum, plastic, and glass; it's all here.

The 24-hour supermarket 10-11 in downtown Reykjavik is a small shop—perhaps the size of a 7-11—but seemed to devote a disproportionately large area of refrigerator space to Coca-Cola. A bit of googling tells me that Iceland and Mexico have the highest consumption rates of Coca-Cola per capita. (Iceland doesn't appear on it, but Coca-Cola has this handy website with per capita consumption data.) One of my travel partners insisted that Icelandic Coke tasted better than American because theirs is made with sugar and not high fructose corn syrup; the Icelandic Tourist Board also attributes it to the use of Icelandic water.

If you're a Pepsi fan, you'll be able to find Pepsi Max, a low calorie, sugar-free Pepsi drink. And...that was all I saw. Considering that Pepsi Max is the only thing that shows up on, it seems to at least be the most popular choice.