Snapshots from Iceland: Cutest Skyr Container Ever

I visited Iceland from April 18 to 24. Although this sparsely populated country may not be known for its cuisine, there was plenty of interesting food to report on. This week I'll share some food-related bits with you.


Most containers of skyr, a popular Icelandic yogurt-like product (actually a very soft, low-fat cheese), are already rather cute due to their squat containers and miniature folded spoons, but this container of plain skyr decorated with rainbows topped the rest of them. So bulbous! So happy! Basically the same way you'd feel after eating a container of thick, creamy skyr. Carey Jones already expounded upon the deliciousness of skyr last year. Like her, a former Greek yogurt devotee, I have now converted to skyr-ism. After the jump, a few more photos of skyr.


Shelves of skyr from supermarket chain Bónus. Only 97 ISK per container!


Strawberry, my favorite!

If not for the tanginess and mild sweetness, it would remind me more of a thick dessert pudding than a breakfast item. Regular Icelandic yogurt is also very good—my friends and I thought the flavor was a little better than skyr's—but the texture of skyr can't be beat.